Dressuurstal Floor Vos is located in Valthe.

The accomodation features:

  • Outdoor arena of 20x60m, with first-class Poly flakes and fibers.
  • Outdoor paddock.
  • 1.5 acres of grazing, divided into pieces.
  • Tack room.
  • Place to wash and polish your horse.

The accommodation is located just outside the village of Valthe. Nearby are many hiking, cycling and riding routes.7

Floor can also visit the Equestrian Centre in Exloo to train her horses and giving lessons. Floor can use there the following features:

  • 2 indoor arenas of 20x40m, with Poly flakes.
  • 1 indoor arena of 30x70m, with Poly flakes.
  • 1 outdoor arena 50x70m, with Poly flakes.
  • Outdoor paddock.
  • Place to wash and polish your horse.