Activities and services

Training horses and competing.
You can bring your horse to Dressuurstal Floor Vos for training, for long and short periods. It is also possible that your horse will on competitions. Floor starts the horses in the basic sport and in the subtop. She also competes at an international level and prepares horses for the IBOP and young horse competitions.

Purchase and sale of horses and ponies.
Dressuurstal Floor Vos is engaged in the purchase and sale of dressage horses and ponies.

Mediation in the purchase or sale of horses and ponies.
Someone who is looking for a horse / pony, or wants to sell a horse / pony, can contact Dressuurstal Floor Vos for help and advice.

Lessons are given to riders at different levels. Lessons are given per 45 minutes. There is the possibility to warm up before the start of the lesson. In addition, Floor set up a talent plan in 2019: DFV Talent Coaching, in which she guides young talents towards top sport.

Competition guidance.
Students can be guided before or during the competitions.

Dressage clinics, test training and training weekends.
Dressuurstal Floor Vos provides, also on location, dressage clinics, test training and training weekends. For more information and the possibilities, please contact us by sending an email to

Floor 761