Activities and services

Training horses and riding competitions.

You can let your horse for training at Dressuurstal Floor Vos, for long and short periods. It is also possible that your horse will be released on competition.

Correcting horses and further training of horses and ponies.

You can leave your horse or ponie at Dressuurstal Floor Vos for further training and correcting.

Sales of horses and ponies.

Dressuurstal Floor Vos adheres slightly engaged in the purchase and sale of dressage horses and ponies.

Assistance with the sales of horses and ponies.

Someone who is looking for a horse/pony or someone who want to sell a horse/pony can contact Dressuurstal Floor Vos for advice.


Lessons are given to riders at different levels. A lesson is 45 minutes. There is the possibility to warm up your horse before the lesson starts.

Instruction at competitions.

Riders can get help before or during the competitions.

Dressage clinics and Dressage test training.

Dressuurstal Floor Vos gives also dressage clinics and dressage test training at location. Please contact with an e-mail to: for more information.

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