DFV Talent Coaching

DFV Talent Coaching – Training with a goal towards success.

In 2019 Floor Vos developed a talent plan for young passionate riders who want to develop further in dressage.

What is DFV Talent Coaching:

With DFV Talent Coaching Dressuurstal Floor Vos offers a tailor-made package to train you as an equestrian with a goal towards success.

If you don’t plan and set goals, you are less likely to achieve what you envision. There is always a chance that the road towards your goal will go differently than planned. At such a moment you adjust your goals and start working on them.

When setting your goals, it is important that you take into account the health and capabilities of your pony or horse. It is also important that you stay fit and motivated, so that you can keep the focus on your ultimate goal.

You can only get the most out of your sport if you have all these aspects in mind. The approach of this tailor-made plan is to give you as an athlete a push towards your development as a top athlete.

The talents receive guidance from Masterclass certified instructor and international dressage rider Floor Vos.

The guidance consists of:

• Classes.

• Test training.

• Match guidance.

• Posture and sitting lessons through training on the Anky Free Rider or training with ECO Coach Marina Gotink.

• Guidance with the purchase or sale of a horse or pony.

• Feed analyzes in collaboration with Probarn Animal Feeds.

• Harnachement control and advice.

• Learning from and with each other in practice and theory, in collaboration with specialists.

• Joint outings.

• Team clothing.

In addition, all talents keep a log in which self-analyzes, results of training and competitions are kept. The fitness and health of horse and pony are of paramount importance.

Do you want to participate in this talent plan? Please contact Floor Vos: 0629469049 or info@dressuurstalfloorvos.nl