Sales and mediation

Dressuurstal Floor Vos is involved to a limited extent in the purchase and sale of horses and ponies. In addition, Dressuurstal Floor Vos offers services for the purchase and sale of horses and ponies. Below you will find more information about this.

Mediation when buying a horse or pony:

You have been looking for a suitable horse or pony for a while and think you have found the horse or pony of your dreams. But to buy it is still a big step. After all, buying a horse or pony is not just an investment. When buying, you should ask yourself whether the horse or pony is suitable for your purpose, think of:

The combination between rider and horse or pony.
The age of the horse or pony and of the rider.
The level at which the horse or pony has been trained.
The ultimate expectations.
Is there a good price – quality ratio?
Does the horse or pony have any flaws?
Is the horse or pony in good medical condition at the time of purchase?
Dresuurstal Floor Vos is the right place for expert and independent advice on all these aspects. The following services are offered here:

Compile a selection of horses or ponies that meet your requirements.
Visit horses or ponies selected by you or by Dresuurstal Floor Vos.
Advice and guidance in assessing and trying out the horses or ponies.
Determining the price – quality ratio.

Mediation in the sale of a horse or pony:

You have a horse or pony that you would like to sell. Finding the right buyer is quite a task. Think about:

The place and environment where the horse or pony ends up.
The purpose of use and ultimate expectations of the buyer.
Combination between copper and horse or pony.
Dressuurstal Floor Vos can look for the suitable buyer of your horse or pony for you. The following services are offered here:

Assessment of your horse or pony.
Determining the price – quality ratio.
Offering your horse or pony to the customer base of Dressuurstal Floor Vos.
Placing photos and a video on the website of Dressuurstal Floor Vos.
For more information about the offer or about mediation, please contact us.

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